Dorn's bloody path is a companion quest in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.


Assassination of Bollard FirejawEdit

  1. Enter the High Hall of the Radiant Heart.
  2. Interrupt the wedding.
  3. Assassinate Bollard Firejaw.

Assassination of Guardian TrepfenEdit

  1. Head to the Temple of Helm in Athkatla's Temple District.
  2. Talk to Guardian Telwyn, or kill him.
  3. Head to the Helmite Camp.
  4. Kill Guardian Telwyn, Hokkney of Tyr and their guards.

Ambush by Traggor the HammerEdit

  1. Travel anywhere and get ambushed by Traggor the Hammer and his friends Big Mordim, Wagner, Simon and Garfunkle.
  2. Slay the paladins.
  3. Wait for Azothet's apparition and talk with her.
  4. Talk with Ur-Gothoz.

Betraying the devilEdit

  1. Travel to the Resurrection Gorge.
  2. Hear Summerheigh's complaint.
  3. Cross the rope bridges until you reach Yarrow and Treadsoft.
    • (Optional) Let them live and ask to descend into the gorge.
    • (Optional) Kill them both and use the Acorn of Yarrow as a quick item to descend into the gorge.
  4. Obtain Winterbrook's Summoning Stone from Winterbrook.
    • (Optional) Gently ask for the stone.
    • (Optional) Kill her and recover the stone from her stash inside the cave.
  5. Obtain Fil's Summoning Stone from the Magnificent Fil.
    • (Optional) Fetch the Purple Crystal to trade with him.
    • (Optional) Hit Fil until he yields the stone.
  6. Obtain Xachrimos' Summoning Stone from Xachrimos.
    1. Reveal Xarchrimos.
    2. Beat him up until he yields and gives his stone and his sword.
      • (Optional) Kill him straight away.
      • (Optional) Spare him, sleep and kill him.
  7. Enter the old tree.
  8. Talk with Dorn and chose to bind either Azothet or Ur-Gothoz.
  9. Sacrifice a "sapient being" : a companion, a summoned unit, or Vernus.
  10. Kill the summoned fiend.
    • The Abyssal Blade will gain a +5 bonus damage to devils/demons depending on who was the binded.
  11. Either bargain with the surviving fiend or kill them too to further improve the Abyssal Blade to level 2. If you don't betray Ur-Gothoz he will reward Dorn with The Visage.