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A False Start Edit

Starting this quest requires you travel to the Nashkel Mines, regardless of whether you've talked to Dorn before on the first floor of The Friendly Arm. The party will be waylaid by brigands led by Senjak and Dorotea. Dorn charges in, clearing three bandits before the fight starts. After the bloodshed, Dorn offers to join you.

Charmed, I'm Sure Edit

Wander around with Dorn long enough and he'll eventually comment on his vendetta. His next target is necromancer Kryll, which leads you to Nashkel. Speak to Taris outside the Nashkel Inn, then head to the Gibberling Mountains.

Kryll and allies

Kryll animated dead from villagers' corpses.

Kryll is expecting Dorn near a blood-stained rock (x=2550, y=1500). After satiating her blood, find a letter for Dorn from Kryll's body and trace it back to Taris to inform her the misfortune of her husband. Should you wish to choose it, the last dialog option kicks off a forced sequence of responses aimed to torment her with a series of gruesome, although grimly whimsical and honest to actual events, details of her husband's demise which eventually leads her to turn hostile. Killing her results in a major reputation penalty.

Another One Bites the Dust Edit

When you reach Wyrm's Crossing, Dorn will remark on proximity to his former comrade and a revenge opportunity.
Prepare ahead as Simmeon waits you north of the inner side of the bridge (x=1090, y=290). He'll summon two Thralls of Azothet and is accompanied by a mage named Sheila and a priest named... Priest.

After the fight Dorn will talk more and from this point forwards, he'll gradually (based on in-game time) fill you with his tales, and his romance route will become open to Gorion's Ward.

Journal Edit

A False Start

  • Quest Title: Dorn Il-Khan
  • Entry Title: Dorn Il-Khan
  • Quest Begins:
    How Rude!
    A brooding half-orc at the Friendly Arm Inn mistook me for a servant. I had half a mind to tell him where to stick his jutting teeth but decided against it. He looks like the sort who'd be handy in a fight. Perhaps we'll meet again under more favorable circumstances.

We Meet Again 

  • Quest Continues (if you accept Dorn as a companion):
    I have recruited a blackguard by the name of Dorn Il-Khan. He is tracking down members of an old adventuring party that wronged him. He seems to be a thoroughly cruel man. I shall have to keep my eye on him during our journey together.

Kryll — Charmed, I'm Sure

  • Quest Title: Dorn Il-Khan
  • Entry Title: Charmed, I'm Sure
  • Quest Continues: 
    Taris has pointed us somewhere east of Nashkel. Her husband, along with several others, seems to have fallen under the spell of the sorceress Kryll. Dorn is eager to track her down.

Simmeon — Another One Bites the Dust

  • Quest Title: Dorn Il-Khan
  • Entry Title: Another One Bites the Dust
  • Quest Continues: 
    We have slain Kryll, and Dorn stands one step closer to his final vengeance against his betrayers. Kryll possessed a note from the final member of his old adventuring party, Simmeon. Simmeon seems to be awaiting her outside the entrance to Baldur's Gate.
  • Quest Completed:
    [Needs added]

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