Dradeel is an elven mage, worshipper of Selûne, and a survivor of Balduran's final voyage to the isles of Anchorome.

Baldur's Gate Edit

He is trapped in his hut on the northern half of the Isle of Balduran, besieged by "beasts". He will ask Gorion's Ward and party to venture into the rotting remains of the Wandering Eye to retrieve his spellbook so he can regain the use of his spells. If Gorion's Ward helps him and returns the spellbook, he may show up later in the Werewolf Village after Tailas turns the inhabitants against the party. He will direct the party towards the warrens underneath the town as a means of escape, then teleport away.

You're not figments are you? I'm not wasting any more time talking to figments!

Baldur's Gate II Edit

In Shadows of Amn, Dradeel is in a cell in Spellhold, an asylum where the Cowled Wizards keep prisoners (mentally-unbalanced or otherwise) taken into custody for magic-related crimes. He is put there because of what is likely PTSD and possibly schizophrenia. He can give Gorion's Ward a recipe, a quite useless note about how to prepare something resembling pudding.