Dragon Helm gives the wearer a 25% bonus to resistance to fire, cold and electric resistance. The helm protects the wearer neither from critical hits nor provides a bonus to armor class. It can be compared to the Helmet of Defense, which provides 5% less resistance, but gives a bonus to saving throw and does protect against critical hits. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.


It can be found in the ruins in the area of Windspear Hills. It can be found in the bucket of the well. When the bucket is raised, the party must defeat an air elemental.

In-game descriptionEdit

The skillful hand of the warlock Wormsor carefully worked several dragon scales into this powerful helmet.  Red, white and green scales overlap, protecting the wearer from normal blows as well as fire, cold and electricity. It is hard to determine whether the benefits originate within the scales or the spells of the mage.

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