Not to be confused with Dread Wolf (Siege of Dragonspear).

A Dread Wolf is a creature in the Baldur's Gate series.

Dread Wolves belong to the family of Wolves and are beasts in the original games and the Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, but count as undead in the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. They are commonly encountered at cliffs and in the grasslands and plains of the Sword Coast, where they are generally thought to be the toughest of their kin, and should be avoided at the start of the journey – which, however, isn't always possible. At most times they are accompanied by weaker wolves, it only seldom happens that an entire group of Dread ones attacks together. In Shadows of Amn they only may spawn in one location, Firkraag's Maze, if a certain trap isn't disarmed. They can wake a resting party in the Heretic Temple.

For the specific variant, found in Siege of Dragonspear locations, see Dread Wolf (Siege of Dragonspear).


  • Although not having any body protection, Dread Wolves come with a natural armor of 6, which is 4 below the usual standard, simulating Hide Armor (without modifiers).
  • They have natural resistances of 50% against electricity and even 100% against cold damage. In the original Shadows of Amn they are completely immune to Lightning Bolts.
  • Their (unvisible, undroppable and unstealable) equipment gives them a further 100% resistance and immunity against poison alongside with immunities to
141 Enraged 047 Chaos 000 Charm 003 Confused Clairvoyance Icon Scroll Fatigue 013 Held Energy Drain Lightning Bolt Icon Scroll Panic SPPR704C00000 Panic 013 Held 010 Protection From Petrification Fatigue 055 Stun Slay Living Icon Spell Priest Fatigue 055 Stun
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