Drienne's Cat is the side quest to find the poor girl's cat and return it to her. Its body, "devoid of all signs of life", is at the bottom of the waterfall (Location 1750,3330). Drienne is not necessarily as upset as one might expect at being presented with a Dead Cat .

If your reaction is 15 or greater she is, in fact, quite pleased, and the reward for this quest is 200 xp, a Scroll of Protection from Undead, and Reputation +1.

It's all right, she's done this before. I guess Daddy will just have to raise her again. Here, you can have this scroll Daddy gave me. I can't read the words yet anyways.

If your reaction is in the range of 8 to 14, Drienne is less happy, her cat is more dead, and the reward is only 200 xp and 23 gp.

*sniff*... She didn't make it, did she... At least I can give her a proper funeral, though. Here, this is the last of my allowance but you can have it for finding Pixie.

If your reaction is 7 or lower, Drienne accuses you of killing her cat and there is no reward.

You killed Pixie! *sob* *sob* *sob*


  • Triggered By: Speaking with Drienne
  • Journal Section: Quests, Done Quests
  • Quest Title: Drienne's Cat
  • Entry Title: Drienne's Cat
  • Quest Begins:
    Through her tears, the dear child Drienne has asked me to rescue her cat from a waterfall. Although I haven't the heart to tell her so, I fear the worst.
  • Quest Completed: (high reputation)
    From the sound of it, this isn't the first time Drienne's cat has died... Nine lives, my arse. Give me my own personal necromancer and I'll do the same! She has given me one of her father's scrolls, however. Whatever it is, it should prove interesting.
  • Quest Completed: (mid-level reputation)
    Nothing like giving a little girl a dead cat and then taking the last of her allowance in exchange... 23 gold pieces... I am such a creep...
-or- (for reasons unknown)
Receiving 23 gold for dragging a dead cat back to its owner seems at once too much and too little reward for such a task.
  • Quest Completed: (low reputation)
    Okay, this is getting ridiculous! Little Drienne claims that I have killed her cat, Pixie! What am I supposed to do, bring her a gibberling instead?!