I am Ogre-Mage Droth! I kill and kill WELL!

Droth is an ogre mage in the Shipwreck's Coast area west of High Hedge. He has Shoal the Nereid's shawl and is thus her master, although he claims that their relationship is not as master and slave but as mates. This may explain why Shoal may be slain without the usual Reputation penalty for killing 'innocents.'

Droth begins battle by casting Invisibility on himself, then attacks with Lightning Bolt.

Even if it is your stated intention to kill both Droth and his "lying accomplice" Shoal, she will remain your ally during the fight, and you will get the 750 XP reward for freeing her in addition to the 975 XP reward for killing Droth.


Droth: "What be this trouble Shoal? Why you have not destroyed these small-pinks? You're not to make me angry, water-child!"

Shoal: "It is not my fault, Ogre-Droth. They are stronger than I."

Droth: "Pah! They are meat for larder and gold for purse! Kill them we shall!"

Shoal: "'As you say, so it shall be."

1:- By what right do you keep this creature captive, Ogre? Return what is rightfully hers.
2:- I wish only to leave in peace. Let me go and no harm will come to anyone.
3:- You and your lying accomplice shall harm no one else, Ogre!