Drow Full Plate (Drow Full Plate +3 in-game) is enchanted full plate mail +5, which provides an armor class of -4 and a protection modifier of +3 to slashing, piercing and missile attacks. It's made from adamantite, which gives the armor a weight of 70 lbs and it will dissolve to Adamantine Dust when leaving the Underdark and exposing it to sunlight, even when the item is stored in the Bag of Holding. The armor can be gained in the Underdark by killing drow warriors. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.


Full plate armor is the best armor a warrior can buy, both in appearance and protection. The perfectly fitted interlocking plates are specially angled to deflect arrows and blows, and the entire suit is carefully adorned with rich engraving and embossed detail. This drow armor will dissolve to dust if removed from the Underdark.