The Drunk is a man who has staggered his way to the Song of the Morning Temple from, presumably, Beregost. He can be found just north of the vestibule.


He asks for all your money, and threatens that he's a lich. He claims that he will kill you if you don't comply.

Giving him the money as requested results in him walking away and refusing to give it to him results in him falling unconscious. No matter what happens, he doesn't become a lich, nor does he even become hostile and killing him results in reputation loss.


One possible exchange:

Hello guysh, how are youse doing. Heh heh, I kinda got losht on my way *hic* home. Any ways, thats don't matter no more, give me alls your moneys.

  • 1:-Ah, look fella, we're not going to give you all of our money.
Wrongs answer, boys. *hic* You shoulda givens me the moneys when I ahsked ya. Ya know what I am! I'll lets ya into a little shecret... I'm a LICH. Yessh I am, powerful magicsh I wields, and now you've made me mad. You've gots one last chancesh, give me alls your money *hic*!*
  • 1:-Look, guy, we're not gonna give you any money. Now bug off.
Whoa, ya guys jusht don't get it, do ya. I'm gonna killsh you with my alls mighty magical powers. So nows what's it gonna be, death or... or... or somethin'.
  • 2:-We're leaving now. Bye.
Hey! Whats are you, uhhh...

At this point he passes out and falls unconscious to the ground.