Dryads are tree spirits. For reasons unknown, all Dryads are female. They are often considered guardians, and will sometimes be bonded to a single tree, protecting and caring for it until death. They can be found in forest areas but are rarely encountered. They are gentle creatures not made for combat and are easily slain. Dryads are vulnerable to Charm Person, Charm Person or Mammal, Dire Charm, and Hold Person.

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Hamadryads, akin to regular dryads, are normally just as shy and seclusive, but are pointedly not guardians of the forest as a whole; only ever being bonded to a single tree, their lives intertwined. Only one is ever encountered, during Baldur's Gate in the Fourth Cloakwood, and it is always hostile; it's unknown exactly why, as most Dryads are relatively friendly, though the recent activity at the Cloakwood Mine to the east could be reason enough.

The Hamadryad can be a very evasive enemy, casting Dimension Door to evade the player's party, while casting several spells - 2x Dire Charms, 2x Hold Persons, and 2x Entangles - before eventually engaging in melee combat. It is immune to all magical damage as well as having a resistance to missile damage, and it's fairly difficult getting close enough to attack with melee weapons due to the repeated Dimension Doors, though the teleportation is short-range and predictable. It also has fairly high saving throws, so most spells and abilities will likely not make a difference.


  • "The very trees cringe at the sight of thee."
  • "Nature knows much of you."
  • "Leave my wood!"
  • "Do as I bid"
  • "Thy will is mine!"