Dryad of Cloudpeaks is a Dryad  in the Dryad Falls area east of Gnoll Stronghold at co-ordinates 3550, 1950 needs your help. She requests that the party save an ancient oak tree from Krumm and Caldo.

Dryad of the Cloud PeaksEdit

Dryad of the Cloud Peaks is a quest with a moral, and the moral is: don't be greedy. When a nice dryad asks for your help, just do it. Asking for payment or, worse yet, insisting on payment will only reduce your eventual reward. The possible rewards are:

  • 500 xp, Antidote, Reputation +1
  • 500 xp, Potion of Healing, Reputation +1 (if you ask for payment)
  • 300 xp, 20 gp (if you insist on payment)

Other rewards include 175 xp each for killing Caldo and Krumm, a Girdle of Bluntness (AC +4 vs. blunt weapons) from the body of Krumm, and the obscure and possibly honorary reward of an Aura cleansing. Perhaps the Cleansing is what gives the increased reputation, or perhaps a clue is given in the Journal entry.

Alternatively, side with the thugs and the dryad turns hostile.  Kill her for 975 xp, the Antidote and Potion of Healing both, as well as a Dagger, but suffer a major loss to Reputation. (See "Killing an innocent" in the Effects of Actions on reputation table.)


"Please, kind spirits, a wondrous ancient oak is in peril. It is about to be attacked by two who would defile the majesty of nature. They have avoided my charms and must be stopped before irreparable harm is done. Would you heed my plea?"

  • 1:-Only the basest villains would take advantage of a gentle forest spirit! Lead on, and I will deal with them!
I thank you, for although they seem dim of wit, they still could do much damage. This way.
There, they are just ahead. I implore you, do what you must to make them leave.
  • 2:-What is one more tree? I have more important tasks!
One more tree?! Even if this were just "one more tree," it would still be priceless to me! As it is, it is the tree to which I am bonded! If it dies, I die. Please help.
(she then gives you one more chance to do the right thing, or the wrong thing, or nothing)
  • 3:-What is my payment for helping you? I don't take risks for free you know.

In your JournalEdit

  • Triggered By: Agreeing to help the dryad save the oak tree
  • Journal Section: Quests, Done Quests
  • Quest Title: Dryad of the Cloud Peaks
  • Entry Title: Dryad of the Cloud Peaks
  • Quest Begins:
    While traveling the Cloud Peaks I met a dryad. She asked that I help protect her tree. How could I refuse such a request?
  • Quest Completed:
    I have curried the favor of a dryad in the Cloud Peak mountains. Pleasing such spirits of nature will bring me no end of luck.
  • Quest Refused:
    I have angered a dryad near the Cloud Peaks and have been warned out of "her" wood. It's of little concern. She also directed me to look into a wolf cave just to the south, where a treasure cache is hidden.
I shall find aid elsewhere. Do not tarry in my wood, for it will not be a restful stay.

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