Durlag's Goblet is a cursed item from Durlag's Tower found on the second level of Durlag's Labyrinth in the torture chamber near the throne room. The goblet was created by Durlag to force others to feel his fear. When someone drinks from the goblet they are fully healed but are also cursed with fear for 12 hours.

In-game description Edit

Durlag's Goblet
Scratched deep into the side of this cursed goblet are the words "Taste My Fear." It is said that one can regain lost health from the dark blood that lurks within its pewter depths. This comes with a price, however, as all who drink of the blood become cursed with the fear it brings. This effect will last up to 12 hours or until dispelled.

Gameplay notes Edit

Despite the description drinking from the goblet heals to the full hitpoint maximum and curses with fear. If the drinker wears Kiel's Helmet the curse is ineffective.

This chalice is another reason to recruit DornBG:EE because he's a blackguard who is immune to fear.

The chalice has 20 maximum charges.

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