Dark and rancid blood lurks within this pewter goblet. The lip is black and caked where it appears others have tasted from it. Scratched deep into the pewter are the words "Taste My Fear."

Durlag's Goblet, found as Blood-filled Goblet on the floor of the torture chamber in his tower's second subterranean labyrinth level, is a cursed item in Tales of the Sword Coast.

Characteristics Edit

When the Goblet is found next to a dusty book about fear, it still contains six slugs of its cursed elixir. After examining it, it turns out to be some sort of healing potion, which in turn, however, lets the user's morale fail easily in combat.

Gameplay Edit

  • One of the twenty (maximum) charges fully heals the user (see Bugs).
  • The chalice has 20 maximum charges and is rechargeable at fairly low prices.
  • If the drinker wears Kiel's Helmet, the curse is ineffective.
  • A good alternative to healing potions for Dorn Il-Khan, because he – as a Blackguard – is immune to fear.


Scratched deep into the side of this cursed goblet are the words "Taste My Fear." It is said that one can regain lost health from the dark blood that lurks within its pewter depths. This comes with a price, however, as all who drink of the blood become cursed with the fear it brings. This effect will last up to 12 hours or until dispelled.


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    Besides spelling the consumer wrong, in the original game's expansion Tales of the Sword Coast, the description reads "Heal embiber[sic] by 5 hit points" – the goblet has the same effect as in the Enhanced Edition, however: fully healing the imbiber.

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  • The item file is still part of the Baldur's Gate II data, but doesn't appear in-game.

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