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45px Durlag's Tower is one of the areas from the World Map.

Durlag's Tower is an area added by the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack. Surviving in the area of Durlag's Tower is not really hard, but the building is one of most difficult areas in the game, especially the underground floors. They are filled with traps, monsters, and many encounters are deadly (even for max-level parties) without good tactics. It is recommended to have at least one Thief with a high find/disarm traps percentage - or with a Potion of Perception or Potion of Power, the former being sold by Erdane - and a full party with many different classes. Those willing to brave Durlag's Tower will find many unique treasures inside.


  • Doppelgangers - randomly spawned, wandering the area, usually at night.
  • Battle Horrors - three, in distinct locations.
  • Basilisks - several atop the tower.
  • Doom Guard - one, up a flight of stairs to the right of the main entrance.


Note: All of these begin in Ulgoth's Beard.



Notable lootEdit

BGEE Item RashadsTalon Location2

Trapped cache on rooftop


Durlag's Tower Walkthrough

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