Dwarven Thrower is an enchanted war hammer +3 which can only be used by dwarfs with at least 9 strength. It can be thrown 20 ft and it will return to the owner. The weapon inflicts 2d4 +3 points of crushing damage and it has +3 bonus to thaco. It deal an additional +8 damage when fighting against ogres and giants. This hammer has a weight of 4 lbs and a speed factor of 1. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, it's sold by a merchant in Trademeet after the genie problems have been solved.


Dwarven Thrower, War Hammer +3: This hammer -- not to be confused with the elven made Dwarf Thrower -- is only usable by dwarves. In the capable hands of a dwarven warrior the hammer may be thrown at an opponent. The magic in the hammer draws it back to the hand of its wielder. If it hits an opponent it does double the normal damage that a hammer would normally do.  Against giants and ogres the hammer does an additional +8 damage, due to the special hatred that dwarves hold against these races.