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Eldoth Kron is a human neutral evil bard found in the Third Cloakwood area at coordinates 3180, 3490. Eldoth plays the gracious host, and in the midst of the Cloakwood countryside, bids the party relax, offering them some light spirits, and then delivers a long speech which explains his scheme to blackmail Skie's father, Entar Silvershield, one of the Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate, into letting her leave with Eldoth. The party can turn down his request of aid with his plot (and thus, decline to accept him into the party) multiple times, and he will remain in the same spot, with the same offer.

Companion Quest: Eldoth and Skie

In Baldur's Gate, he comes equipped with only Darts, a dagger and Studded Leather armor. His starting spells (dependent on level) may include Larloch's Minor Drain, Magic Missile, and Horror. All spell slots are memorized. He also has the unique ability to create a small number of poisoned arrows each day which only he can use.

In Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, he starts with a studded leather armor, a Scimitar, a longbow and 40 arrows. 

In the Blade and Stars inn in Baldur's Gate Southeast, Elkart on the ground floor normally tells the party to take a hike, but if Eldoth and Skie are in the party, he can be blackmailed every twentyfour hours for 1000 GP each time. The eighth time he gives the money and a Flaming Fist guard appears.

Eldoth's CHA 16 is the highest of any Evil NPC in the main game, making him an excellent leader for Evil parties to gain store discounts and favourable reaction adjustments. Dorn Il-Kahn, introduced in BG:EE, has equal charisma.  

Unused resources 

An examination of unused dialogue and creature files (EldothD.dlg and EldothD.cre) reveals that he may have been originally intended to be the captain of the guard at an unnamed keep. At some point he was put under the influence of "evil tentacles" under the direction of "Krotan", an ogre mage of "considerable power." The players party would have rescued him from this fate. 

In-game biographyEdit

When asked about his past, Eldoth speaks as every word should impress and dazzle. He really seems to enjoy talking about himself. He is apparently from the island kingdom of Ruathym, though he left as a teenager for the city of Waterdeep. His natural affinity for song and poetry was honed to perfection while he trained at the musical college of New Olamn, supporting himself with gold from any one of his given lovers. It would seem that his skill in music is mirrored with his talent in the manipulation of others' emotions. He skims over explaining how he came to leave Waterdeep, but it was apparently the result of an attempted tryst with Aleena Palidinstar. Piergeiron, lord of the city, discovered that his daughter was being used by a manipulative dilettante and likely became quite furious. Eldoth probably had to flee the city, deciding it was time to use his bardic skills somewhere else.


  • "There is no Good or Evil, only the Charming and the Tedious"

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