There is no good or evil, only the charming and the tedious.

Eldoth Kron is a neutral evil human bard and a potential companion.BGTotSCBG:EE

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast Edit

Recruitment Edit

Eldoth is available from Chapter 4. He plays the gracious host, and in the midst of the Cloakwood countryside, bids the party relax, offering them some light spirits, and then starts into his pitch. He explains his scheme to blackmail his lover's father, Entar Silvershield, one of the Grand Dukes of the city Baldur's Gate. This will involve taking Skie along as a willing hostage, effectively removing her from Entar's influence and into Eldoth's. Unlike most companions, he will stay rooted to the spot if Gorion's Ward turns him down - and thus, denies acceptance into the party - easily allowing one to ponder his offer further.

He has to pair with Skie.

Related quests Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Ajantis Ilvastarr will eventually attack any of the evil party members, but you can call him off by controlling him to do something else
  • Shar-Teel Dosan - Conflict

Gameplay analysis Edit

Eldoth, Dorn and Baeloth have the highest charisma (16) of any evil members, making him an excellent leader for evil parties to gain store discounts and favorable reaction adjustments. He also comes with a unique Create Poisoned Arrows ability to create 5 arrows per day which only he can use.

He nets you a good fortune from looting Entar Silvershield's Estate and blackmailing Elkart in Blade and Stars.

He joins equipped with only Darts, a dagger and Studded Leather armor. His starting spells (dependent on level) should include Larloch's Minor Drain, Magic Missile, and Horror. All spell slots are memorized. In the Enhanced Edition, he starts with a studded leather armor, a Scimitar, potentially with a longbow and 40 arrows as well.

In-game biography Edit

When asked about his past, ELDOTH speaks as though his every word should impress and dazzle. He really seems to enjoy talking about himself.
He is apparently from the island kingdom of Ruathym, though he left as a teenager for the city of Waterdeep. His natural affinity for song and poetry was honed to perfection while he trained at the musical college of New Olamn, supporting himself with gold borrowed from any one of his given lovers.
It would seem that his skill in music is mirrored with his talent in the manipulation of others' emotions. He skims over explaining how he came to leave Waterdeep, but it was apparently the result of an attempted tryst with Aleena Paladinstar. Piergeiron, lord of the city, discovered that his daughter was being used by a manipulative dilettante and likely became quite furious. Eldoth probably had to flee the city, deciding it was time to use his bardic skills elsewhere.

Quotes Edit

Gentlemen, gentlewomen, may I introduce myself? I am Eldoth Kron. Initial meeting
Better a coward than a dead man. Morale failure
I am glad to be associated with such a fine group of gentlemen. Happy
This party's direction seems to be somewhat misguided. Unhappy-annoyed
I don't know how much longer I can bear the company of so many fools. Unhappy-serious
Goodbye now. Hope to never see you again. Unhappy-break
I take this responsibility knowing I am best suited for it. Leader
I think it would be well to stop and rest. Tired
If I wanted to live a life of tedium, I would have become a monk. Bored
If we must. Battlecry1
Help, my injuries are grievous. Hurt
Help, my injuries are grievous. Select1
What's your worry? Select2
Don't bore me. Select3
As you command. Action1
Certainly. Action2
This is so tedious. Action3
There is no evil but stupidity. Action4
There is no good or evil, only the charming and the tedious. Action5
Only shallow people don't judge by appearance. Action6
The first duty in life is to be as artificial as possible. Action7
Skie, my little angel, a woman should know her place. Interaction1
Skie, don't bother me right now.


Be silent, Skie! It's not like your opinion is worth anything.


Shar-Teel, your lot in life is to bake cookies and bear children. Now shut up.


Stop your whining, wench.


Try to keep quiet and speak only when spoken to. Insult1
You must be the most uninteresting person I have had the honor of knowing. Insult2
Perhaps we could talk over wine tonight. I've never met a lady such as you and am desirous to know you better. Compliment1
Too bad. To death-general
The wench had it coming. To death-specific
I knew that. To compliment1
Your wit is somewhat lacking. To insult1
Don't try my patience.

To insult2

Please don't bother me, you ignorant savages. Post break

Trivia Edit

An examination of unused dialogue and creature files (EldothD.dlg and EldothD.cre) reveals that he may have been originally intended to be the captain of the guard at an unnamed keep. At some point he was put under the influence of "evil tentacles" under the direction of "Krotan", an ogre mage of "considerable power." The players party would have rescued him from this fate. 

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