There's a timer in this quest.
This quest is available from Chapter 4 but can only be finished after you gain access to Baldur's Gate in Chapter 5. Talk to Eldoth who stands in the Third Cloakwood area, agree to get Skie with him. Once you're in Baldur's Gate Northwest, you must find Skie within one day or Eldoth leaves.

If you are not ready to rescue Skie but have Eldoth leave the party in front of the Silvershield estate, when you try to have him rejoin after he almost immediately leaves out of frustration. This is permanent and closes off the Skie rescue option. However, if you reinvite him and then run away before he can speak to you, and then kill him using ranged attacks while is still part of your party, you can still rescue Skie even though Eldoth is dead. Once resurrected, he still leaves but now Skie is independent.

There's also a follow-up to this quest, go to Blade and Stars with Eldoth and Skie, you can blackmail Elkart for 1000 Gold each day, the eighth day a Flaming Fist guard appears and Elkart disappears.

Journal entries Edit

We've agreed to help Eldoth with an extortion plan. He wants us to kidnap a young girl named Skie who happens to be the daughter of Grand Duke Entar Silvershield. Eldoth has told us that Skie wants to escape home and would be a willing partner in the scheme. Once we have her, Eldoth will blackmail Entar.