Elkart is a patron on the first floor of the Blade and Stars in Baldur's Gate. Most of the time he tells the player to get out of his face, but if they have both Eldoth Kron and Skie Silvershield in their party, he can be blackmailed once per day for the sum of 1000 gp. (If for some reason the player has only one, it will not work.) The eighth time he is blackmailed, a Flaming Fist guardsman appears after he gives the player the money.

Though he is technically a fighter and is equipped with weapons and armor, he has the hit points of a civilian, and his other stats aren't much better. He has both melee and ranged weapons, but is probably unable to use his composite longbow because his Strength is insufficient.

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Baldur's GateEdit

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Get out of my face.
I see that you're here prompt for your ransom money. I hope you don't think you'll get away with this forever!
You're a little early, come back later and you'll get your damn blood money!
You foolish little prigs, you've become way too predictable. HEY! They're all here ripe for the slaughter!