Elven Chain +1 is a set of light armor, but the armor will have more weight than normal elven chainmail, as the enchantment on it gets higher, unlike all other armor, which has a decrease in weight as the enchantment goes up. It also has the same protection modifiers as elven chainmail armor +2 against slashing and -2 against piercing attacks, as well as the same penalties to thieving skills. It has a weight of 8 lbs and it provides an Armor Class of 4.

In Baldur's Gate II, this can be gained in Suldanessellar in the final chapters of Shadows from Amn and the drows at Sendai's Enclave in Throne of Bhaal will drop this armor.


Woven by the finest of elven craftsmen, this mail feels more akin to cloth than to metal. The armor may be worn by thieves with few penalties and by fighter-mages without removing their spellcasting ability.