Elven Chain Mail is a very light armor in Baldur's Gate II.

It has a weight of only 7 lbs and provides an armor class of 5. It has the same protection modifiers as regular Chain Mail: a bonus of 2 against slashing, but also a penalty of 2 against crushing attacks. Its lower weight and the craftsmanship make it possible to be worn by thieves and fighter / mages, who still will be allowed to cast spells or perform their shadowy abilities. Regardless of this, the Elven Chain Mail can't be worn by the specialized Kensai fighter and the archer, along with druids, monks and plain mages and sorcerers.

Thieves receive a penalty to their thieving skills while wearing this armor. Lockpicking and traps are lowered by 5%, hide in shadow with 10% and pickpocketing with 20%. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

In Baldur's Gate II, this item can be obtained in Trademeet, where one of the members of the rivalling families wears this. It can also be gained when Aran Linvail is killed. It can also be gained in Suldanessellar in the final chapters of Shadows from Amn.

In Baldur's Gate: EE, it can be obtained from a cleric in the fight against Simmeon.


Elven Chain Mail

The delicate yet sturdy craftsmanship of the elven races allows them to design many beautiful yet utilitarian goods. Among these is elven chain mail, which is so finely wrought that it can be worn under normal clothing without revealing its presence. This and its lightness allows it to be worn by Thieves and Fighter/Mages with few restrictions.