The Elven Court Bow is an enchanted longbow. It grants a -4 bonus to THAC0.

The item appears in BGII(SoA)BGII:EE(SoA), It is found on second floor of the De'Arnise Keep, on the middle statue in the Chapel Room where the Golems are.

In-game descriptionEdit

This yew bow is more a work of art than a weapon of war: Fine engravings dance over the polished wood, and the bowstring gleams of gold, almost singing when drawn. This was a ceremonial bow in the Elven Court for a thousand years, though that is scarcely a single lifetime in elven terms. Every 50 years or so it was granted to someone who had performed a great service, the recipient eventually choosing who would hold it next. Two centuries ago, a human, Yin Pon, rescued an elven prince and was gifted the bow, which he carried with him to Baldur's Gate, where it was subsequently lost.


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