Ender Sai is a spy in Baldur's Gate. He's interested in the Iron Throne, and for that reason he was captured and imprisoned, residing within Tazok's tent in the Bandit Camp.

After dealing with the guardians within the tent, the protagonist can free Ender, who will proceed to relay everything he knows, although most everything he says will also be found in script within the nearby trapped chest.

Tazok's been making regular visits to the Cloakwood, so that's where I'd start if I were you. There are some documents in that chest that might be worth taking a look at, too. Now go step on some toes, all right? And you can tell them Ender Sai sent you.

EE Journal EntryEdit

"Things grow darker here, darker than I thought possible. In Tazok's tent, I came across a prisoner named Ender Sai. If he speaks true, and I suspect the documents in Tazok's chest that he mentioned will show he does, the bandits are being played as pawns by a power group called, tellingly enough, the Iron Throne. Tazok's orders are coming from some base of theirs within the Cloakwood, and I have little doubt that it is there that I must journey next if I wish to peel back the next layer of this mystery. Something still seems very wrong in this. It haunts me, dancing endlessly along the periphery of my thoughts. What it is, however, I know not."