Energy Drain drains 2 levels from the victim.


The casting of this spell opens a channel between the caster's plane and the Negative Energy Plane. The caster of the spell acts as a conduit between the two planes, sucking life from a victim and transferring it to the Negative Energy Plane, draining <PRO_HIMHER> of 2 levels of experience. The target of this spell loses levels, Hit Dice, Hit Points, and abilities permanently. These levels can only be restored by a priest's Restoration spell.

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

Gameplay Edit

  • Beware: If the victim is level-drained to equal or less than level 1, disintegrated, petrified, or frozen shattered to death, there’s a good chance the above process will destroy some, if not all of the non-plot items from their inventory, rendering them unobtainable
  • Drains 2 levels from every but the first class of the dualclassers’ class(es) from one creature each time, the affected victim gets most status, notably HP, APR, spellslots, thieving skills and saving throws reverted to the diminished level; backstab modifier, spent proficiency points plus all learnt abilities and spells remain intact
  • While level-drained, all ST modifiers granted by equipment, eg. the Claw of Kazgaroth, cease functioning, all ST adjustments from previously cast spells like Doom, Chant are nullified so you have to cast them again for the effects, even permanent ST bonus such as Edwin’s Nether Scroll are disabled until restored
  • The casting time of 3 is very fast for a level 9 spell, touch contact make it effective during time stop
  • Some enemy types are immune to level-drain