Enrage is an effect and a skill used by Berserkers. It is similar to Barbarian Rage and the Berserk status effect. It sends the Berserker into an extremely enraged state that gives them a +2 boost to THAC0 and damage and improves their AC by 2 points for 10 rounds. In addition for the duration of the effect the Berserker is immune to the following effects:

Once the Enraged effect ends the Berserker becomes physically unstable and will lose 15 points of health on exiting the berserk state, which might even cause the Berserker to die. They will also suffer a 2-point penalty to AC, THAC0 and Damage for 5 rounds.


The description of Enrage in-game and in the user's manual is imprecise, refer to the effects used above.

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