Enrage is a class ability available to berserkers. It is similar to Barbarian Rage and Berserk.

Effects Edit

Entering it grants +2 bonus to damage rolls, -2 bonus to Armor Class and THAC0, +15 HP. During this state, berserker also get the following Status Effects:

In classic versions, enrage doesn't grant immunity to stun from mind flayer's Psionic Blast [Confirmation Needed].

Once the effect duration ends, the Berserker loses 15 hit points, to a minimum of 1 HP, causing them to fall unconscious. They will also suffer +2 penalty to Armor Class, THAC0 and -2 penalty to damage rolls for 5 rounds


The character becomes enraged for 1 turn. While enraged, the character gains a +2 bonus to his/her attack and damage rolls as well as to his/her Armor Class, and becomes immune to charm, confusion, fear, feeblemind, hold, imprisonment, level drain, maze, stun, and sleep. The character also gains 15 temporary Hit Points, which are taken away at the end of the berserk spree (possibly knocking the character unconscious).

After the effects end, the character becomes winded, suffering a -2 penalty to Armor Class, to-hit rolls, and damage rolls.

Trivia Edit

  • Enrage is named Rage, which is the same name as Barbarian Rage in class description, both of them can be seen in character generation as well as in record menu during gameplay