The front door is locked. You can pick the lock and enter the house and talk to the servants in the first two rooms to the right, giving them any excuse which will go unchallenged. However, in the third room on the right with the stairs, a guard will recognize you as thieves and battle you . If you give another answer he will declare you as thieves and attack you. You will gain 65 exp and he will drop some leather armor and a long sword if you defeat the guard. Another guard waits for you in the room to the left, which ends up being the exact scenario as with the other guard, except that you can avoid battling him by giving the excuse of being from Waterdeep and needing to talk to Entar Silvershield (#1). Killing both guards can be done without loss of reputation or further consequence, but venturing upstairs will result in battles which cause a loss of reputation. Some potions, necklaces, gems, and gold pieces are in the locked chests on the first floor with several books available in the book cases on the first floor. If you open the chests with the guard still in the room, Flaming Fist Enforcers will be summoned. On the second floor, Skie is in the room immediately to the right. No matter which answer you give her, she will attack you and call the guards. Venturing into the bedroom causes the lady to question you. Only the first answer will allow you to leave without the guards being called.

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