Evereska (Ev-er-ESS-ka, "fortress-home" in the elven tongue), founded in -8600 D.R., is the largest elven city in continental Faerûn (with the possible exception of drow cities in Underdark), the only major settlement of Moon Elves and Sun Elves following the Retreat, and second largest elven settlement after Evermeet. It is the home of the Baldur's Gate NPC Xan. As of the time the Baldur's Gate trilogy takes place, the population of the city is over 20,000. Very few non-elves know of the city, and even fewer have visited it. The only humans welcome within the city are members of the Harpers.

The city is protected by a powerful mythal, which bestows several magical effects upon people within its borders, the most notable being the ability to walk straight up and down walls as if effected by a spider climb spell. The mythal also has powerful defensive capabilities, but they are not often called upon.

It was at the outskirts of Evereska where Prism the sculptor saw Ellesime, who would be the inspiration for his final work.

Evereska is not featured in any game in the Baldur's Gate trilogy, but it is referenced.

Geography Edit

Evereska is situated in the center of a crescent-shaped valley in the Western Heartlands, surrounded by hills on all sides, atop a large stone pedestal that rose high above the surrounding area. Access to the valley is limited, and the only ways in are by air or through a handful of heavily-guarded mountain passes.

The valley lies only 20 miles or so from the western border of Anauroch, and is bordered by the Greycloak Hills to the north. To the west lie the Marsh of Chelimber and the High Moor. No major roads lead to the city. The closest road is the Black Road, which passes east-west just north of the Greycloak Hills. The city of Baldur's Gate would be around a couple of weeks' journey to the southwest.

Government and History Edit

Evereska was founded in secret in -8600 D.R. to be a haven for the elven people. Today, Evereska is governed by a group of extremely old and powerful elves known as the Hill Elders. The city and surrounding area are guarded by several elite elven orders, including the Greycloaks and the Tomb Guard.

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