Fahrington is an elf in the north-western part of the Spider Wood area. He is not easily seen, dressed in clothing the same color as the rocky ground on which he stands. He has had his "scroll of wisdom" (Cursed Scroll of Foolishness) stolen by a Tasloi. If you have a Reputation of at least 8, he asks you to recover it for him, which begins the quest Fahrington's Scroll (see below).


When you first speak to Fahrington he will give you the quest Fahrington's Scroll in one of two ways (based on your Reputation):

A tasloi has stolen my scroll of wisdom, wanderer, and fled to the east. If you could retrieve it for me, your karma shall exceed your wildest expectations.


A tasloi has stolen my scroll of wisdom, wanderer, and fled eastward towards the ettercap's lair. The poor tasloi is probably quite dead by now but the ettercaps, of course, will not recognize the scroll's value. If you could retrieve it for me, I promise to brighten your karma.

Other things he may say:

  • (before you return the scroll) I have no patience for your karmic flouting. Find my scroll and we shall connect then, wanderer.
  • (when you return the scroll) Ah, my scroll. Take it with you, wanderer. It will increase your karmic essence.
  • (after you have returned the scroll) Has your aura grown in wisdom lately?
  • Let me help you find your spiritual self and brighten your karmic essence before the gods...
  • That would be bad for your karma.

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