Faizah Tin is an NPC from Baldur's Gate. He is one the mercenaries who Degrodel asks the player to look for and unpetrify. Faizah Tin and his comrades VailCailanAchen Dell and Rance, all ended up being sold as a statues to Felonius Gist. When he is made flesh again he claims no knowledge of the location of Balduran's Helmet.

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Baldur's Gate Edit

Quotes Edit

My word! Such a backache I have! I feel as though I have been standing for ages! I thank you for releasing me, and now I await your price. I am well acquainted with mercenaries and the like, and know that one does not rescue such as I for the good of one's health. What do you want of me?
...I do not have the item you seek. Perhaps one of my petrified fellows might, but that will be their business to take up with you. Please feel free to question them, as you will. I have shared much with them, but I care not for what baubles they have stashed in their packs.

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