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Faldorn is one of several Shadow Druids and a possible companion encountered during Baldur's Gate. She is stationed in the Third Cloakwood area, waiting to bring the fight to the Iron Throne for trespassing in Cloakwood. Unlike most of the Shadow Druids in the area, she isn't particularly hostile, and will likely be interested in joining the party of Gorion's Ward in order to exact her idea of justice. She also makes an appearance in Baldur's Gate II, but she isn't a potential companion in that regard.

Baldur's GateEdit

She is found in the third part of the Cloakwood. She will join with you to bring an end to the activities of the Iron Throne in the forest. Her standard equipment is a leather armor and a club.

Faldorn can be considered as a dark horse - she has serious conflicts of interest with Jaheira, as their druid factions are opposed. But she is the only companion who is able to cast lvl 5 priest spells, because clerics can't reach level 9 due to the experience limit and Jaheira's multi-class prevents her from using those spells. Because of this, she can become the best healer at the end of the game, if the two level 5 spell slots are spent on Cure Critical Wounds. Like all druids she gets Goodberry, which avoids overhealing by healing one point at a time, and allows a reserve of free healing items to be created.

She has a Special Ability that augments the Summoning a little, a minor form of Animal Summoning I with the self-explanatory name of Summon Dread Wolf.

In-game biographyEdit

When asked about her past, Faldorn states that she was the child of a Black Raven Uthgardt woman. As an infant she was given over to an enclave of the Shadow Druids as an offering, and thereafter raised according to their beliefs. A splinter group of the main druidic order, Shadow Druids engage in very aggressive protection of nature, often relying on violence to achieve their aims. Faldorn showed great promise as she approached adulthood, and the order decided to send her to the Sword Coast to test her devotion to their ideals. Her ongoing mission is to use any means available to stop the despoiling of nature, no matter the risk or the cost to her life or any other.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

In Baldur's Gate II, the player will meet with her during the subquest: Animal Trouble in Trademeet. She has replaced the former master druid of a druid circle near Trademeet and after that, she has changed the druid circle radically, now they attack the town of Trademeet, which suffers a genie problem at the same time. After reaching the druid grove, the party can try to kill her with a ritual battle, which requires a druid in your party, or you can simply try to kill her, which will turn her followers hostile.


  • "Nature is all" (when selected)
  • "I am one with nature."
  • "You want something?"
  • "Why must man always despoil the Oak Father's gifts?"
  • "Man is the least grateful of nature's children."
  • "Oak Father, please forgive your wayward brood."
  • "I am angry! Don't talk to me now."
  • "Of course." (when directed)
  • "*grunt*"
  • "I will do that."
  • "Ugh... I am wounded.' (when severely wounded)

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