Favored of the Spirits is a high-level ability usable by shamans only.

This ability may only be picked up once and have one cast per rest.

Requires: Spirit Form.


This powerful rite shields the Shaman from death for 1 hour or until discharged. While under the protection of this rite, the Shaman is immune to all forms of death magic. In addition, if the Shaman is reduced below 10% Hit Points and the rite is active, the Shaman instantly receives the benefit of a Heal spell. The rite's protection (including the immunity to death) is completely discharged once the Heal spell is triggered.

Gameplay Edit

  • Immune to all forms of legit insta-kill effects ("Kill target", "Slay", "Power word, kill"), in addition to "Disintegrate", "Imprisonment", "Petrification" effects
  • Multiple casting won't stack the number of auto-heal, only reset the duration of this spell