Feeblemind makes the victim unable to perform any actions that require conscious thought.


Feeblemind causes the subject's intellect to degenerate into that of a simple beast of burden unless a Saving Throw vs. Spell is made with a -2 penalty. Upon a failed Saving Throw, the subject remains in this state until a successful Dispel Magic is cast upon <PRO_HIMHER>.

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

The Black PitsEdit

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Tales of the Sword CoastEdit

Shadows of AmnEdit

Throne of BhaalEdit

Gameplay Edit

  • A successful cast of Feeblemind eliminates a creature’s eyesight and isn’t considered aggressive action thus won’t aggro the victim or other creatures in the same area, you may use it to steal items from chests that are otherwise watched by someone, just be careful that the affected creature is unable to speak (won't trigger quest) and will become hostile should you decide to dispel the effect.
  • One trick to kill Firkraag or make other encounters easier is to pre-cast Feeblemind with Project Image until successful, there’s another example of Mae'Var's battle: you may feeblemind his lackeys before you turn evidence to Bloodscalp so that once the battle begins he’s on his own.
  • If a solo character is affected by this spell, it literally ends the game, as the duration is VERY long and the character has no means of removing it.