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If you successfully loot every container in this building you will find:


Buy & SellEdit

The bartender will not buy weapons, ammunition or wands, but will buy pretty much anything else, including: armor, robes, gems, jewelry, potions, books and scrolls. He buys items that many merchants will not, such as winter wolf pelts and bandit scalps, and he will even offer a price for Melicamp the Chicken (item)!

Item Stock Price GP
History of the Fateful Coin 3
The Protector +1 1 4500
Arrow +2 (x2) 10 54
Battle Axe +1 1 2250
Flail 10 22
Composite Long Bow +1 1 3750
Bracers of Defense A.C. 8 1 4500
Bullet +1 10 24
Chain Mail +1 1 2400
Medium Shield +1 1 2250
Bastard Sword +1 1 3750
Two-handed Sword 1 75
Reflected ImageBG:EE 1 150
DeafnessBG:EE 1 450
GlitterdustBG:EE 1 450

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