This page is specifically for fighters in Baldur's Gate. See Fighter for the version of this class in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Fighters are the most simple warrior class of the three, because they have no active special abilities. Just like rangers and paladins, they have wide array of weapons and armor they can use. Their only character ability is Strength. The advanced weapon specialization allows them to spend over two points on weapons skills, which no other class can do, making them the best weapon specialist. Due to their simplicity, they don't require much micro-managing.

Character abilities tableEdit

Character ability

Min. requirement Max. requirement
Strength 9 18
Dexterity 3 18
Constitution 3 18
Intelligence 3 18
Wisdom 3 18
Charisma 3


Note: For the information of this table, the human class was used, because humans don't have any bonuses to the primary abilities and act as a neutral. For all other races except elves, these numbers are slightly different.

Advanced Weapon SpecializationEdit

Advanced Weapon Specialization raises the number of points that can be invested into a specific proficiency from one point to five points. As a result, fighters may do more damage and hit more often with weapons from the specific proficiency. For more information on proficiency points, see Weapon proficiency.

Level of proficiency Points spent Bonus to hit Bonus damage Attacks per round+
Unskilled 0 -1 -1 1
Proficient 1 0 0 1
Specialised 2 +1 +2 3/2
Master 3 +3 +3 3/2
High Master 4 +3 +4 3/2
Grand Master 5 +3 +5 2

Experience TableEdit

Level Experience needed Note
1 0
2 2,000
3 4,000
4 8,000
5 16,000
6 32,000
7 64,000 Highest level for fighters with Baldur's Gate.
8 125,000 Highest level for fighters with the expansion pack.
9 250,000 Not possible to reach.
10 500,000 Not possible to reach.