Fighter / Cleric is a multi-class for half-elves, gnomes and dwarves and a dual class combination for humans. From the perspective of the cleric, they gain a better weapon proficiency system, a better THAC0, and more hitpoints due to the higher die of the fighter and constitution modifier for warriors. In the fighter's perspective the character gains the ability to cast priest spells, at the price of limited weapon selection. Multi-classed fighters also cannot spend more than 2 proficiency points in any weapon.

This class combination is very similar to Cleric / Ranger, but the latter class combination offers a wider selection of spells (as it allows casting of all priest spells (up to spell level 3 in Enhanced Editions)), a racial enemy and a free boost to two-weapon fighting.

As a dual-class combination a player can pick a kit for their starting class. Starting off as a Fighter gives you a choice of a Fighter kit, more Hit Points (since new hit dice are only earned the first 9 levels) and later in the game more high level priest spells and caster level. Starting off as a Cleric gives you a choice of a Cleric kit and better THAC0 later in the game along with powerful Fighter HLAs. Note that spending proficiency points for weapons Clerics can't use are wasted when dual-classing to Fighter/Cleric.

Character abilities tableEdit

Character ability Min. requirement. Max. number
Strength 9 18
Dexterity 3 18
Constitution 3 18
Wisdom 9 18
Intelligence 3 18
Charisma 15


Note: For this table, the human race was used, as they don't have any penalties or bonuses to character abilities. This may slightly differ for half-elves

Please note that rolling a good Fighter dual-classed to Cleric will only require 15 Str and 17 Wis.

Fighter/Cleric abilitiesEdit

Weapon SpecializationEdit

Fighters/Clerics can invest a maximum of two points into proficiency instead of only one point compared to the single-class cleric. It also raises the starting proficiency point from two to four.

Turn undeadEdit

Priest and paladins have the ability turn undead creatures. When this mode is activated and undead creatures are in range of the character, there is a possibility they will stop attacking their targets and run away from the character until the effect is worn off. Whenever the priest or paladins gains a level, this mode will become more powerful. Good-aligned priests and paladins may use this mode to destroy the undead instantly, evil-aligned can use it to control the undead of a limited amount of time. After this runs out, the undead will become hostile to the party.

Priest SpellsEdit

Clerics can use priest spells and only the following spells are available to clerics. Some spells are not available for priests, depending on the alignment the character started with, not the alignment the character currently has.

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