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The Find Traps spell allows the caster to detect any trap within a 10-yard radius once per round for the spell's duration. Apart from typical traps, this spell also detects glyphs as well as similar spells and devices.

In-game descriptionEdit

Note: Spell descriptions shown in-game often differ significantly from their actual in-game implementations.

Find Traps

When a priest casts a Find Traps spell, all traps—concealed normally or magically—of magical or mechanical nature become apparent to him or her. A trap is any device or magical ward that meets three criteria: it can inflict a sudden or unexpected result; the spellcaster would view the result as undesirable or harmful; and the creator specifically intended the harmful or undesirable result as such. Thus traps include glyphs and similar spells or devices. Due to the nature of the spell, the caster must stop to concentrate 1 per round which will effectively interrupt any action. This however will not affect spell casting.

Level: 2
Sphere: Divination
Range: 0
Duration: 3 turns
Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: The caster
Saving Throw: None

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