Find Mimic's Blood for Jermien the Cowled Wizard is a side quest which can be started in Umar Hills.

Jermien, who can be found in his home in Imnesvale, will ask you to find some mimic's blood, which he needs in order to make his golem work. 


Enter the cave to the northwest, which is near Valygar's Cabin. The mimic looks like a chest with a lot of treasure around it. Defeat the mimic and give the blood to Jermienand, and he will give you Ilbratha, a short sword +1. He will activate the golem, which will turn on him. Help him destroy the golem. After this incident, talk to him. He will thank you for your help and the party receives some experience points.

Journal Edit

  • Triggered By: Speaking to Jermien
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: Find mimic's blood for Jermien the Cowled Wizard
  • Entry Title: Find mimic's blood for Jermien the Cowled Wizard

The following entry is added to the Journal upon starting the quest:

I must find some mimic's blood for the Cowled Wizard, Jermien, for the juggernaut golem he is building in the village of Imnesvale.

After delivering the blood and defeating the golem, the quest is completed with the addition of the following entry, titled, "The juggernaut golem activated":

The Cowled Wizard Jermien used the mimic's blood I brought him to activate his juggernaut golem... only to have his creation turn on him. I managed to kill it and save the wizard, for which he was quite thankful

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