Find the kidnappers who buried Tirdir is a side-quest which can be started in Athkatla's Graveyard.


  • Click on the half filled grave to free Tirdir, who was buried alive. He will thank you and give you a Piece of Red Cloth that he tore from his kidnappers before they buried him so you may hunt down the men who have done this.
  • Talk to the grave keeper Sethle.  He will tell you that his contact can sometimes be found in the Athkatla Bridge district. Search the Bridge district for men and women in red clothing. By the house at the very south end of the area, you will see Am-Si. Confont him and he will flee into the Kidnappers' House.
  • Enter the house after him and Am-Si will be killed by his co-conspirators for his incompetence. They run out of the house, but you can catch up with them on the street.
  • After dealing with them, re-enter the building and search it. On the second floor you can Lady Elgea, who has been kidnapped by the band.
  • Free her for experience or meet a nobleman at night by the Copper Coronet to receive the ransom. But you'd lose 2 reputation, and do not receive any money, rather, a one of a kind item which is probably useless to you, unless you imported your character from the first game while holding an item you only could have received at the Friendly Arm Inn, upstairs, by talking to a certain nobleman while pretending to intend to wash his laundry. That, of course, mean Silver Pantaloons.

Several sites on the net have information on how to get the Silver Pantaloons without losing reputation: When you speak to Lady Elgea in step 5, tell her you are undecided. Grab the Ransom Note and go to the Slums District at night. Don't speak to Welther, just have your best thief pickpocket him for the Silver Pantaloons. Then go back to Lady Elgea and allow her to go free. She will not be very grateful to you but you avoid losing reputation this way.

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