AR5300BG1worldmap Area South of Nashkel is one of the areas from the World Map.

Area South of Nashkel is an area also known as Fire Leaf Forest.[1] A signpost at co-ordinates 2970, 1400 identifies the area as being in the Cloud Peak Mountains range.


Nothing in this area plays any part in the main story.


  • Vax and Zal at co-ordinates 1270, 2630 want to rob you. Beware the dart!
  • Albert at 1350, 970 is a little boy (or is he?) who has lost his dog (or is it?) in the forest to the east. The side quest to reunite the adorable (or are they?) pair is Albert and His Dog.
  • Sendai at coordinates 3100, 800 is out hunting game with her two companions Aleksander and Delgod. You don't have to fight her, but you will surely want to soon after meeting her.
  • Larry, Darryl & Darryl at 4250, 3400 have a blast from the past for those of the right generation.




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