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Firebead Elvenhair is a mage who travels the Sword Coast in search for books for the sages at Candlekeep, such as Gorion. That he makes purchases for the monastery is a badly kept secret among the book dealers of Baldur's Gate and Beregost. He can be first found in the Candlekeep Inn during the prologue. Later, in Chapter 1, he can be found in his house in Beregost.

So hard to find decent folk nowadays...

–audio file for Firebead



Candlekeep (Prologue)Edit

  • "Ah yes, I'm back within the hallowed halls of Candlekeep. With this iron crisis upon us, the trip from Beregost was more hazardous than I care to relate... You're Gorion's ward, aren't you? My, you have come into your own, if you would permit an old man jealous of youth to say so... Hmm, I left an Identify scroll with Tethtoril, in the inner grounds. He should be done examining it by now, so if you could fetch it for me, I'd be grateful."

- Firebead initiates the Firebead's Scroll side quest

Beregost (Chapter 1)Edit

  • "Ah, you're old Gorion's ward, the lonely kid of Candlekeep! Of course! I heard about the loss of Gorion, and I must give you my deepest condolences. I hope since you've left Candlekeep, you've kept up on your reading... Oh, the world of books... I have heard that a new copy of that wondrous tome, "The History of the Fateful Coin," can be had for a pretty penny in one of the stores around here. If you would be so kind as to buy it for an old man like myself, I'd gladly reimburse you. I'd even give you a little bonus to help in your travels. It must be so hard with Gorion gone."

- Firebead initiates the side quest A Book for Firebead


  • Initiating dialogue with Firebead thirty times in Candlekeep (no more, no less) and then waiting approximately ten seconds will add 300Goldpieces to the inventory. 

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