First Journal of Jon Irenicus is a book written by Jon Irenicus. He describes the condition he and his sister, Bodhi, suffer and how they have taken control of Spellhold. It also describe what they have done to Imoen, but details are scarce. Second Journal of Jon Irenicus continues his journal. It can be found in Spellhold, but it's not known where. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.


No doubt these texts will prove to be an embarrassing legacy, but I must order my thoughts herein, lest they spill from my accursed mind.

Spellhold is in my control. Once recovered from my torpor I made short work of what defenses there were. Coordinator Wanev conveniently removed himself, suffering a peculiar reaction to a spell of mine. I forget what it was; perhaps something I heard in the temples of Suldanessellar... does it even matter now?

My condition grows worse, and what I remember of my 'home' is fleeting. I see images of family whose names I cannot recall, and dream of emotions I no longer feel as vividly.  On occasion I sense nature as if she is my mother, as though never removed from her bosom, but such moments are few. I bear the hallmarks of senility with the rage and power of a young elf to lament it.

Bodhi endured the curse much better than I do now, but she was more focused and, more importantly, undead. She is now thoroughly seduced by her vampiric condition, despite its previous failure to counteract the death sentence she was under. She had embraced her mortality, excited by the urgency of it, but now she is confused. Imoen's soul has restored her, but her motives remain transparent, even simplistic. She revels in her carnal nature, even as the elf within despises the creature she has become.

I would pity my 'sister' if I was capable, but emotions come to me only in violent outbursts. Ellesime has taken my ability to truly feel, and I am left with the threadbare heart of a human, or some other short-lived vermin. I will not suffer this much longer.

Spellhold has met my needs quite well. They had made a practice of experimenting on inmates here for quite some time, though in a barbaric fashion. I refined their instruments, and have finished preparing the necessary rituals. I am quite through with Imoen, though she can still serve as bait. I am certain Gorion's Ward will make an appearance sooner or later.

Bodhi has delivered more assassins than I had asked for. I disposed of some in advance, but it seems such a waste. I think she has done this on purpose, as she has taken to releasing the extras in the maze below and hunting at her leisure. I marvel at her hunger, and how she seems so *alive* in her undeath. Perhaps it is the soul of Imoen. Soon I shall see for myself. Gorion's Ward had best hurry.


  • <CHARNAME> from game files has been replaced in the text with Gorion's Ward, which is the name for the player character.