Flail +3 is an enchanted weapon with a +3 bonus to THAC0, speed factor and damage (it's +4 minus -1 from standard flail) when compared to the non-enchanted flail. It has a weight of 11 lbs, which makes it 4 lbs lighter. This is the most powerful generic enchanted flail in Throne of Bhaal, and also of the Bhaalspawn serie. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. It's sold by the bartender of the Tankard Tree in Saradush. If this is dropped by a certain enemy, is unknown.


The flail is a sturdy wooden handle attached to an iron rod, a wooden rod with spikes, or a spiked iron ball. Between the handle and its implement is either a hinge or chain link. This particular flail has been magically enhanced.