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The Flail of Ages +3 is an enchanted flail with three heads. The weapon inflicts 1d6 +3 points of damage with addition + 1 point of acid, fire and cold damage from the heads and it may slow down enemies hit by the weapon. Because the weapon deals fire and acid damage, it can be used to kill trolls, which can't be killed without dealing fire or acid damage.


The flail is created by combining the three flail heads, which are all found in the De'Arnise Keep

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

There are three heads to find :

The heads must be collected before the quest is finished or until Nalia's personal quest reaches a certain stage, or else you will lose the opportunity to forge this weapon.

Once you have collected the three heads, take them back to the forge on the first floor and place them inside to assemble the Flail.

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

Two extra heads can be found, thus allowing Cespenar to upgrade the weapon to the Flail of Ages +5.

Only Cespenar can upgrade the item to the +4 and +5 versions.

In-game descriptionEdit

This flail has been in the care of Lord Arnise for some time, a relic of his adventuring youth. It has been kept disassembled, the individual pieces stored in separate locations, and only used in the direst of emergencies. Lord Arnise was likely concerned about the powerful magic that the weapon radiated when compiled, and rightfully so. A trail of destruction has followed it through history, leading straight back to the original owners.
The flail was the creation of the warlike Rakshasa, a race of vengeful spirits that crave human meat, and used as an adaptable weapon that could suit any battle. During a particularly violent hunt the flail was lost, only to be returned when they used their affinity for magic to locate its powerful aura. They discovered that the weapon had found its way into the hands of a great human warrior, and the battle that followed was truly splendid. They have since used the item as bait countless times, 'losing' it again and again. Powerful items gravitate towards powerful people, and powerful people yield the most glorious battles.

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