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Flail of Ages +5 is an enchanted flail +5 with five heads. The weapon is made when adding two more flail heads to Flail of Ages +3 and making sure the weapon is in the party inventory when starting Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. The weapon inflicts 1d6 +6 points of damage with addition +2 point of acid, fire, cold, electrical and poison damage from the heads and it has a 33% chance of slowing down enemies by hit by the weapon. Because the weapon deals all kinds of elemental damage, it's a quick way to find out which which kind of damage monsters are immune to. The elemental damage done will bypass effects such as Stoneskin even if the physical damage is blocked.

Also, it gives the wielder of the weapon 5% magic resistance and the status effect Free Action, which protects the wielder from any magic which prevents or slows down the movement of the wielder. Cespenar will be glad to forge the links, for 5000Goldpieces each time. The heads can be found at the following locations:

When fully upgraded, it's the best flail or morning star available and a very good weapon for clerics. The only blunt weapons which might be even better are Crom Faeyr or the upgraded Runehammer.

Note: In Enhanced Edition, when this weapon is fully upgraded, the newly gained Free Action effect will block any further Haste/Improved Haste spells, there's a work-around as of the current patch(v2.3673), you have to equip a different weapon when receiving the Haste effects, then switch back to FoA+5.

In-game descriptionEdit

With the addition of the fifth and final head to this weapon created by the evil Rakshasa race the true potential of the Flail of Ages is finally realized.

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