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Flesh Golems are magical constructs created by mages. They are immune to normal weapons but can be harmed with any weapon of +1 or greater enchantment. Their morale is harder to break than most enemies in Baldur's Gate and they are immune to cold, electricity, magic, and backstab. They have a very low THAC0 as compared to other enemies in the game and may prove a challenge to low or intermediate level parties (Level 1-4).

Though they may seem formidable to the in experienced adventurer, they are in fact the weakest of all golems and mostly appear in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition because the characters in Baldur's Gate II are too powerful. In the first game they can be found in High Hedge and in a cave in the Lighthouse area of the sword coast. In Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition they are summoned by Baeloth in the final battle in the Black Pits I after Ghlouralk has been killed and there is a manual in Baldur's Gate II that can summon a flesh golem once per day to fight for the summoner. Two flesh golems are also found at the De'Arnise Keep in a secret room on the uppermost level.

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