Flesh Golems are magical constructs created by mages. They are immune to normal weapons but can be harmed with any weapon of +1 or greater enchantment. Their morale is harder to break than most enemies in Baldur's Gate and they are immune to cold, electricity, magic, and backstab. They have a very low THAC0 as compared to other enemies in the game and may prove a challenge to low or intermediate level parties (Level 1-4). However, they are susceptible to poison in Baldur's Gate and Bolt of Biting works very well. It appears that they have been given immunity to poison in the Enhanced Edition.

Though they may seem formidable to the inexperienced adventurer, they are in fact the weakest of all golems and mostly appear in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition because the characters in Baldur's Gate II are too powerful.

In Baldur's Gate they can be found in High Hedge, in a cave in the Lighthouse area, and in Durlag's Tower. In the Enhanced Edition they are summoned by Baeloth in the final battle in the Black Pits I after Ghlouralk has been killed. In Baldur's Gate II there is a manual that can summon a flesh golem once per day to fight for the summoner. Two flesh golems are also found at the De'Arnise Keep in a secret room on the uppermost level.