Footy is a child in the Red Canyons area (3700, 2300) south of High Hedge that will inform party about Bassilus talking to "spooks" (undead) among which is his own family and family of his friend Netty. If you do not already have the quest Bassilus the Murderer from Kelddath Ormlyr in the Temple area, the Town Crier in Beregost, or from rumors gathered around Beregost, a new quest will be added to your Journal. If you already have the quest, a new entry will be added to it.
Sssh! I'm spyin' on Bassilus an' his spooks. They're funny.
Bassilus keeps on tellin' these stories about how happy he was as a kid, but all of the spooks just kinda moan and mumble and stuff, like they're not really listening. That's what my brother Johnny used to do before he disappeared, mumble like that when he weren't really listening... You stay here. I'm gonna go tell my friend Netty 'bout this place. She'll think it's really funny, what with her daddy gone and all.



  • Triggered By: Speaking with Footy
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: Bassilus the Murderer
  • Entry Title: Bassilus the Murderer
  • Entry: 
    "Poor, young Footy is as tragically mad as everyone else in this dreadful place. He has been watching the foul Bassilus, trying to spot his own family amongst the animated corpses, laughing at their antics as he does so... Guilt and innocence are so malleable in this affair. All I know is that I cannot bear to let this depravity continue any longer."


  • Footy and his friend Netty are a colloquial names for football and netball respectively.