Free Haer'Dalis from Imprisonment by Mekrath is a side quest in Shadows of Amn campaign, it can be started in the basement of the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District.

This side quest is followed by Rescue Raelis and Haer'Dalis from the planar prison, which eventually leads to bard's stronghold quest.


  • Watch the terrible performance of the actors in the basement. When the play is stopped by the unhappy audience, Raelis Shai will ask if there any adventurers who'd be willing to help them.
  • Go backstage and speak to Raelis Shai. Agree to find the potential companion Haer'Dalis and the gem for her.
  • Enter the Sewers in Athkatla Temple. The entrance into Mekrath's Laboratory is behind a secret wall in the northwestern section of the area.
  • In one of the rooms, you will find Haer'Dalis, but his mind is controlled by the wizard Mekrath, who can be found in another room in the same area.
  • You have two options, you can do a favor for the mage to find his mirror, which was stolen by monsters, which can be found in the southeast portion of the sewers and he will then release his control on the Haer'Dalis or you can try to kill him in combat.
  • Once Haer'Dalis is no longer mind-controlled, he offers to join the party. You can either let him in your party or meet him back at the stage of the Five Flagons Inn. If you have a full party but want to have Haer'Dalis in your party, do not bother to take him yet as he will leave when you get back to Raelis Shai. Take the Portal Gem from the altar and bring it to Realis Shai.
  • Talk to Raelis Shai and she will give you a reward and they reveal who they really are.