Branwen Rescued, also known as Freeing Branwen is a companion quest that appear in journal instead of quests tab.

Between two of the carnival shops, you will find a halfling named Zeke. He will tell you about the statue behind him if asked.


The statue behind Zeke is, in fact a human cleric named Branwen, who was cursed by the mage, Tranzig. She was turned to stone, and can be revived with a Stone to Flesh scroll.

Zeke offers to sell you such a scroll for 500 Goldpieces, but you can pickpocket him for it instead or kill him, although that results in reputation loss. You can also charm him and use a scroll from his quick slot. You can also buy these scrolls at most temples for much less gold, the nearest being he Temple of Helm in Nashkel.

Once you have a scroll, cast it on the statue and speak to Branwen. She will offer to join your party as a reward.

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