Fuernebol was the youngest son of Durlag Trollkiller and Islanne. Like his older brother Kiel, he was killed by doppelgangers who had infiltrated Durlag's Tower but, unlike Kiel, Fuernebol was not an accomplished warrior. He was too young and inexperienced to defend himself well and fell swiftly when the doppelgangers attacked.

Too young to fight, except to fall,

Here died my son, young Fuernebol.''

—  Passage from a dusty book found in Durlag's Tower


Doppelgangers in Fuernebol's form can be found throughout Labyrinth Level 2 of Durlag's Tower and must be slain repeatedly by Gorion's Ward and party just as Durlag was forced to do. Though it cannot be collected from its corpse, the doppelganger Fuernebol has a ring which gives it immunity to poison.

Note: The drop items left after killing the doppelganger form(s) of Fuernebol are listed in the infobox.

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