Full Plate Armor, also known as Full Plate Mail, is the best piece of non-enchanted armor that a warrior can use in terms of armor class, but its weight of 70 lb, will limit the available carry capacity of its wearer quite a lot and it requires 15 strength to wear it.


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  • This armor can be compared to ankheg plate mail and to plate mail. The former is also equipable by druids, weighs 45 lb less, but with slightly lower AC modifiers compared to the full plate mail. Compared to the latter, full plate weighs more by 20 lb and provides better AC, but is much rarer


Full plate armor is the best armor a warrior can buy, both in appearance and protection. The perfectly fitted interlocking plates are specially angled to deflect arrows and blows, and the entire suit is carefully adorned with rich engraving and embossed detail.


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