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Furret NPC BG
Name Furret
Gender Male
Race Halfling
XP value 7
Armor class
Saving throws
Area(s) Ulcaster
Co-ordinates 150, 950
Dagger iconLeather iconGold icon
Items Turquoise Gem, Dagger, Leather Armor
Gold 1

Furret is a halfling 'merchant' (charlatan) in the Ulcaster area. He wanders the north-western plateau, and tries to sell you a gem of true seeing for 1000 gold. You have the option to buy it or walk away. If you buy the gem, it turns out that it's just a plain turquoise gem with no purpose except to sell at the store for gold. There is no Reputation penalty for killing Furret. The gem can be also pickpocketed from him.


"Wayfarers! Wait up a moment. I wish to have a word with you. You are adventurers, are you not?"

  • 1:-Yes, we're adventurers, why should you care?
That's good then! You see, I am an adventurer of sorts, of course I'm not very fond of battle. I like to pilfer objects from ruins and monstrous lairs, and try my best to avoid getting hurt. Anyway, I have something that might interest you. I have a gem in my possession, a magical gem. I have no use for it, and I can't get the price I'm looking for from anyone I've met. Would you perhaps be interested?
Of course! It's a gem of true seeing. It allows you to see the truth in all things. So do you want it? I'm selling it for a 1,000 gold, no more, no less.
  • 2:-No, we're not.
Sorry, I guess I must have misjudged you. Well, I'll be on my way now.

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